A-1 is a driveshaft repair specialist. We will repair or rebuild and customize your driveshaft better and cheaper than anyone else in town. We can inspect your driveshaft and offer a solution on the same day you bring it in.

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Our stock is the most extensive in the Southern Interior of BC, We can advise which aftermarket u-joint, spline, slip yoke, etc. is available as a substitute for OEM parts. The OEM parts are often high priced and savings of 50% are not uncommon. We are authorized to distribute DANA/SPICER, ROCKWELL, WEASLER and ROCKFORD parts and driveshaft components.

We handle driveline upsizing, conversion u-joints, custom driveshafts (incl PTO shafts), lengthening /shortening shafts (incl. adding steady bearings), metric conversions, CV joint rebuild/repairs, retubing, weld yoke replacement, spline/slip yoke replacement, u-joint replacements, etc.

Whether it’s your 4 X 4 pickup that needs the front driveshaft's spline & slip yoke replaced or your logging truck has sheared the spline at the steady bearing, or your bull bent your bailer PTO shaft, we can do it all.