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Conductor Buggies

In use for more than 20 years and has become the preferred power unit for power line contractors and utility companies such as BC Hydro in Western Canada. To date there are over 100 units in active service.

Made in Canada

This unit was engineered and designed with traversing mountainous terrain in mind and is capable of working in all but the most extreme slopes. Double traction drive wheels result in superior pulling and climbing ability. Wheels are custom machined to match the diameter of the customer’s conductor cables. Unit is suitable for use with two and four bundle configurations. The cart is made from machined aluminum plate to minimize weight. There are pull points on both ends of the cart to allow right or left side mounting (and hence pull in other direction). The latest model of our conductor buggy incorporating many changes suggested by customers over the years.

The rate capacity is 600lbs, and there is enough room for two linemen inside the basket. This cart will get over spacers and around insulators easily and works on two line and four line bundles. This is a sturdy, safe, reliable and cost effective solution for power line maintenance. Normally the buggies are lifted up to the power lines via helicopter.We also manufacture power units to accompany the carts. The power unit hooks onto the powerline and is driven by a Husqvarna motor.

Conductor Buggy Drive Motor Specifications

(Subject to change)

Weight: 64 lbs (29Kgs)
Height: 29.00 in. (73.8cm)
Length: 15.75 in. (40.0cm)
Width (Cart): 2.25 in. (5.7cm)
Width Overall: 13.00 in. (33.0cm)

Engine & Drive Wheels Specifications

(Subject to change)

Motor: Husqvarna Model 365
4.0 Cu. in. (65.1 cc)
4.6 hp ( 3.4 Kw)
Fuel Tank: 1.62 US Pint (0.77 L.)
Drive Wheels (2): 4.50 in. Dia. ( 11.5 cm)

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