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Beam Line Cutting Machine

A robotic plasma cutting system unlike any other.

A-1 Machine and Welding is proud to add a beam line cutting machine to the shop. It is a robotic plasma cutting system unlike any other.

There’s no machine quite like a beam line cutting machine, a 6 axis robotic CNC cell that uses high definition plasma technology to cut metal profiles for every structural steel and miscellaneous metals industry.

  • Reduces Production Labor Costs
  • Versatility
    The beam line cutting machine lets you cut every structural profile. It is guaranteed to meet your every need
  • Precision
    The Robot is equipped with a Photo-Laser Measuring Device and a mobile measuring cart, allowing automatic split-second profiling and position of your piece and guarantees the most precise cut possible.
  • Quality
    Since the beam line makes the most precise cuts, it will improve the aesthetic value, quality, and workmanship of your manufacturing.
  • 4 Sides Cutting
    3D cuttings allows pieces to be cut 360 degrees.

The beam line can be used for:

  • Embeds
  • Industrial
  • Pump Jacks
  • Shipbuilding
  • Trailer Framer
  • Mining and Oil Rigs
  • Arenas and Stadiums
  • Buildings and Bridges
  • Equipment Fabrication
  • Stair Stringers and Skids
  • Elevators and Conveyors
  • Miscellaneous and Decorative Metals
  • Power Transmission Towers and Solar Panels

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Beam Line Cutting Machine at A-1 Machine and Welding


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