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Our professionals can help your project become a reality. Let our steel experts take care of your next steel fabrication and construction project.

Most competitive, all in, fixed pricing on your structural steel projects. All estimates are prepared by experienced construction estimators with the latest structural steel modelling and estimation software.

  • We supply steel joists and metal decking
  • We supply slab beams
  • Board certified engineering services
  • 3D modelling and drafting with advanced software Tekla
  • High quality welding and fabrication by CBW certified and RED SEAL tradespeople
  • Structural steel supply, steel delivery, steel framing, and steel installation anywhere in BC with experienced and CWB certified crew
  • Guaranteed quality and workmanship

A-1 can confidently handle your next construction project.  We have the capacity to fabricate projects up to 1000 metric tonnes.

A-1 is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Great Service at a Great Price

We’re confident you’ll see the value of our work.


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